aims to promote knowledge and dissemination in Italy of “digital performance”, ie of all forms of live performance in which computer technology

“play a key role rather than a subsidiary one in content, techniques, aesthetics or delivery forms”

(Dixon, “Digital Performance”, MIT Press, 2007).

It’s co-promoted by HG80 and Smart-It, and is realized with the support of Innovacultura – Lombardy Region, Lombard Chambers of Commerce and Cariplo Foundation, as part of “Augmented Stage” project in partnership with Ilinx Theatre and DelleAli.

The site aims to be a place of study, discussion, dissemination of good practices and opportunities for all those working in the world of theatrical, dance education and performance in general.

Anyone curious about the meaning of the term periaktoi, one of the first technologies used in the theater scene of ancient Greece, can satisfy their curiosity by referring to the specific page on Wikipedia:

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We are a cooperative in the form of social enterprise, set in a network present in 9 European countries. Our goals: To be constantly listening to the needs of the collective and individual creative sectors; Accompany and inform our partners in the development of their professional project, providing a range of custom services; through the instrument of the Guarantee Fund, protect the work of our members and stabilize the financial aspect of their projects; Consolidate the international Smart network, in order to facilitate the international mobility of art, culture, and creativity.
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HG80 is a cooperative of services, which in 2014 acquired the status of a social enterprise, born from different career paths but significant in terms both of skills and experience and of local importance. We boast a strong presence in Bergamo but continually explore different contexts.