Artistic Residence ILINXARIUM and Theatre Foundation Trivulzio


14 – 17 September from 20:00 to 23:30
Artistic Residence ILINXARIUM | Besana 11 – Inzago

Homo Faber: actor artisan Mario Barzaghi
Theater workshop on rhythm and voice

September 19 to 20 hours 10: 00-18: 00
Artistic Residence ILINXARIUM | Besana 11 – Inzago

Multimedia lab Augmented Theater
Michele Cremaschi
Workshop for actors, directors and programmers multimedia

“Augmented stage” is a genre where the ancient art of the stage merges with interactive multimedia content generated and modified by the movement of the actors. Motion sensors invisible to the public recognize actors positions and movements. Computers programmed with special software generate visual effects and virtual sets from such data. Videomapping softwares calibrated with projectors color the surface of the scenery, and the body of the actors.

Which artistic possibilities such system allows? How does it change the way to tell, and what effect has on the perception of the viewer? Is it possible to go beyond the compulsory research of special effects? How not to get in unnecessary no-win competition withblockbusters à-la-avatar, but put al this in function of the story? Is it possible use the digital in a creative and poetic way, belying the purists of the ancient art of the scene?

A workshop open to actors, directors, multimedia technicians. And for programmers, digital performer. Who owns skills and tools in the field can bring them: come in handy. Who owns “just” their physicality, stage ast, please bring them: they will be just as necessary. Those who are just curious, harbors his curiosity. That is the main engine to experiment and perhaps invent a new language.

September 21 to 24 hours 20: 00-23: 00
Theatre Trivulzio | Piazza Risorgimento 19 – Melzo

Production laboratory “Digital Meetings”
Nicolas Ceruti / ilinx Theatre
Open to artists and the public
September 21 to 26
Artistic Residence ILINXARIUM | Besana 11 – Inzago
Production Residence by Michele Cremaschi –  “NERD Cabaret” production


September 26 19:00
Theatre Trivulzio | Piazza Risorgimento 19 – Melzo
Set design, mechanical design and illustration

Aperitif digital Victor Togliani
September 26 21:00
Artistic Residence ILINXARIUM | Besana 11 – Inzago

NERD Cabaret Michele Cremaschi

by and with Michele Cremaschi | directed by Gaetano Ruocco Guadagno and Michele Cremaschi | sets of Silvio Motta
multimedia design by Antonio Castellano props Yuri Plebani | videomapping of FramedVision | video Nico Cutugno

26-27settembre hours 10: 00-13: 00 and 14: 00-17: 00
Room Vallaperti | Via Dante 2 – Melzo

Laboratory of Video Mapping Rajan Craven
Main software used: MadMapper
The workshop is aimed at those who intend to use the projections for installations or performances. The purpose is to learn to adapt a visual content to a surface or to an object entering therefore in relation with its forms and with its material. The first part of the workshop will be devoted to learning the technical aspects of software and projectors, the second part will be devoted to testing of media material and different shape to get to create a small personal site-specific installation with the technical support and art teacher.
Prerequisites: No special prerequisites
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: MadMapper is a software for Intel Mac demo version can be downloaded from
TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: Each student must bring his laptop, and if possible a video projector. Some projectors are still made available by the organization.

September 27 from 16:00
Theatre Trivulzio | Piazza Risorgimento 19 – Melzo
“Ho un punto tra le mani” by  Tam Teatromusica
free play multisensory from painting by Kandinsky
by and with Flavia Bussolotto | digital creations live Alessandro Martinello | music Michele Sambin

Painting with Light
Laboratory digital Tam Teatromusica for children and adults

September 27 from 20:00
Theatre Trivulzio | Piazza Risorgimento 19 – Melzo

Siggraph and Magna Grecia. Artisans digital Emir Kusturica.
Aperitif / experimental conversation with Chiara Boeri, Paolo Atzori & friends

Presentation of by Michele Cremaschi

6 shows euro Whole
Cost Laboratories
Homo Faber | Michele Cremaschi | Video Mapping € 100.00 + 15.00 (card ilinx)
Meetings Digital 15.00 (card ilinx)
Aperitifs Digital FREE ADMISSION

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Artistic Director: Nicolas Ceruti
Organizational Direction: Luca Marchiori, Lucia MantegazzaEventi realized with the contribution of Innovacultura – Lombardy Region, Lombardy Chambers of Commerce and Fondazione Cariplo included in the project “Augmented Stage: project for the creation of a network aimed affirmation of an original theatrical genre”

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